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 History of Judaism

  "Judaism is a religion of great beliefs and practices... but the "character" of Judaism is to be sought in the "historical experience"... a "suffering" people, with many trials and tribulations, but always full of joy and hope, anchored in the coming Messiah.

Judaism is an "assembly of giants"... ... a "chosen people" to whom God will send the great person needed at the right time in history to solve the many difficulties found in the road of salvation... salvation of the Jews, and salvation of the entire human race... God will solve any problem... but always using a "person"!... and the most important person is the Messiah, God incarnated, a descendent of Abraham and of David, who brings eternal salvation for Israel and the whole world."

 Judaism is similar to Christianity, in Judaism they only believe in one go.

 Maybe the history on the surface of the Earth is not as remarkable than that of the Jews  They can trace their ancestry back to bands of wandering herders, with names like Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, and Rebecca. They first emerge as a people separate from the other peoples of the Mediterranean world as a result of Moses and His teachings, which sharply distinguished them from their polytheistic neighbors. They conquered a land—Israel—and established a great empire, then declined in power and were vanquished. Their Temple was destroyed and their leadership was sent into exile until a subsequent empire allowed them to return home; they rebuilt their temple and then subsequently obtained, lost, obtained, and lost again their freedom. . 

Few people can trace their history continuously over thirty-two centuries. But even more remarkable is the fact that so much of the history of the Jews is embodied in one book- -the Hebrew Bible (it is not called the Old Testament by the Jews because it is their entire Bible). Thus the Hebrew Bible is the history of a people as well as a sacred scripture. In describing the development of a single people, representative of the entire human race, the Bible makes sacred the history of all humanity.

  The history of the Jews began in the prehistory of a people called the Semites. This people emerges in the Middle East some time after the last Ice Age. They are defined linguistically; some modern languages, such as Arabic, Syriac, and Hebrew, as well as ancient languages, such as Aramaic, Ugaritic, Akkadian, and Assyrian, are descended from the original Semitic tongue. Closely related are other languages such as modern Ethiopic and ancient Egyptian. The term "Semite" is of modern coinage and derives from the name Shem, one of Noah's three sons; for it was traditionally believed that the Semitic peoples sprang from him (Gen. 10:1, 21-31).




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